Community Development District

Solicitation Policy


This policy applies to all employees as well as residents and external visitors, partners, contractors, and customers who may be on any community property before, during, or after normal working hours.

Policy Elements

Solicitation is any form of request for money, support, or participation for products, groups, organizations or causes which are unrelated to the Harmony District.  These include but are not limited to:

     Seeking funds or donations for a non-profit organization

     Asking for signatures for a petition

     Selling merchandise or services

     Requesting support for a political candidate

     Engaging in religious proselytism

Distribution refers to disseminating literature or material for commercial or political purposes.

Prohibited Activities

All forms of solicitation and distribution are strictly prohibited at all times on any community property, unless previously and explicitly authorized by the District Board of Supervisors.

We also prohibit offensive solicitation or solicitation for personal profit:

     Selling goods for personal profit.

     Requesting support or funding for political campaigns.

     Unauthorized posting of non-work related material on community bulletin boards.

     Solicitation or distribution of non-business literature towards customers, partners, and vendors.

     Proselytizing others to groups or initiatives that violate non-discrimination and equal opportunity policies.

Universal Applicability

This policy applies in the same manner to all individuals or groups.  The Harmony District and managers must not allow one group or person to engage in solicitation, while excluding others.

Members of the public may refer doubts, questions, or violations to the District Manager, Angel Montagna, at 407-566-1935.


Adopted:  11/19/2020
Updated:  07/07/2021

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