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District Facilities

Facilities Overview

The areas listed below are the primary field operations, which are performed according to the District’s approved work program.  The District awards maintenance contracts for the various areas, and the District’s personnel also perform a variety of supplemental work and service efforts to further enhance the community’s high standards of appearance.

Recreational Facilities

These facilities are for the use and enjoyment of the residents of Harmony.  They include the following:

  • Buck Lake piers, docks, and boats
  • Gazebos and benches in the park areas
  • Swim Club & Ashley Park swimming pools
  • Sports fields and volleyball & basketball courts
  • Harmony Square park and entertainment facilities
  • Future planned facility (Buck Lake Community Center)

District Landscaping

The District has contracted with Benchmark® to perform community landscape maintenance.  Work activities include turf mowing, edging, and detailing; lake and pond bank mowing; shrub and groundcover maintenance; and tree trimming.

Ponds & Wetlands

The ponds within Harmony are part of a master stormwater drainage system, and as such, are not part of the recreational facilities, but serve an engineering purpose for excess stormwater.  The entire stormwater system works together to allow drainage of the streets & neighborhoods into the master drainage system and the adjacent wetlands.

Irrigation System

The District receives reuse water from Toho Water Authority for both residential & District use in irrigation of vegetation within the community.  The irrigation system in all common (public) areas is maintained by the District’s Field Operations personnel.  The irrigation system of a residential (private) property is the responsibility of the lot owner.

To Report A Problem with any District Facility,
please contact either the District Office
or the Field Operations Manager.

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