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What Is A CDD

Seal of the Florida SenateA Community Development District (“CDD” or “District”) is a local unit of special-purpose government, created pursuant to Florida Statutes (“F.S.”), Chapter 190, and is limited solely to the performance of those specialized functions authorized therein.  The Harmony CDD (HCDD) is authorized to provide the infrastructure improvements outlined in the District engineer’s reports for the community.

Click here to review the District Engineering Reports.

Once the infrastructure is built, the District is required to maintain these public facilities.  Included among the facilities maintained by the Harmony District are landscaping, ponds, public parks, swimming pools, and other District Facilities; as outlined in the Engineer’s Reports (see link above), and in the District’s fiscal year Budgets.

Florida law does not allow the District to adopt or enforce land use plans or zoning ordinances, nor does it allow the District to grant building permits, nor to exercise law enforcement or judicial powers.  These are reserved to general-purpose local governments, such as Osceola County, that have jurisdiction over the land within the District.  Here are two informative legal opines on the why’s, wherefore’s, and limitations of “Government In The Sunshine“:

Additional resources that you may find useful to your understanding of Districts in Florida can be found on the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) website.  Among these are two selections that provide excellent, easily accessed reference information:

We believe you will find the Harmony Community to be one of the most unique and appealing of the Districts in Florida, and we trust that you will find our website both useful and equally appealing.  Please continue your tour, and “Welcome to Harmony!”

If you would like further information on FL Districts, especially those in Osceola County, here are two compilations that may be of interest to you:

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