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This page is dedicated to providing an active arena (i.e., a “Blog” spot) for presenting topics of interest to Harmony Residents, and is open to any and all subject matter dealing with activities happening in the District, by or on behalf of the Residents; including nostalgia moments that are enjoyably shared by all.  If there is an interesting or entertaining item that you would like to see included here, please submit it to the website Administrator for consideration.

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  • Lightning Bugs

    In the summertime, do you enjoy watching lightning bugs (some call them “fireflies”)? There was a time not long ago when they gave hours of entertainment to children. Here is a page describing the humble firefly and its glow-in-the-dark tail. … Continue reading →

  • Floyd Cramer

    Those of you old enough to reminisce about the 50s will remember pianist Floyd Cramer. He recorded many great tunes during that time, and frequently accompanied Elvis. Along with “Last Date“, one of his best was “Have I Told You … Continue reading →

  • Roads & Alleys

    C1/2 Alleyway Repaving — Current Work Schedule & Map are Available Here. — Contingency Services & Access during Alley Project. — Sod/Property Damage Report to CDD Maintenance. C1/2 Alleyway Complete — Contract Completed Ahead Of Schedule (2023/05/05) — Continue to Report … Continue reading →

  • Facilities Status

    Garden & Parking Area — RV Lot Closed Due to Road, Permit, & Financial Issues. — Garden Facility Remains Open for Normal Operations. — Rental Fees Set by HCDD Are Administered by HROA. — State Law Requires Sales Tax Collection … Continue reading →

  • Meeting Participation

    HCDD Meetings — Zoom® Video Broadcasts of Board Meetings began July 29, 2021. — Until further notice, Meetings Location will be in Harmony.   [Model Home located at 3285 Songbird Circle, East Lakes, Harmony, FL]


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